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"I had a new furnace and air conditioner installed and I am totally satisfied. I have a cape cod home and the upper level was always cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The furnace that was suggested to me has made my whole home stay at an even temperature. The installers were professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this company for quality work and a fair price."

Tamara Simpson


"I am a disable vet who called other companies in my area,who confirm me app times who never showed or call and temps in single digits. But with Hollaway-Meyers They schedule my app time around me,they had a tech call me an hr before my app time to confirm. The Tech showed up professional located the problem saving me unnecessary cost also with pre-maintenance savings as well. Thanks John H Great professional service."

Albert Smith


"We replaced our old units because of age & inefficiency. Since installation our system is more efficient less cost to run . the whole house is more comfortable than ever before. we are pleased with our section of Lennox. we will recommend it without hesitation."

Gerard Grimmer


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"Came over and solved my heating and cooling issues that I had in my home. The guys that installed were very professional and did a great job.I would highly recommend!!"

Our Admins say: Thank you Adrian! It was a pleasure doing business with you.


"great service highly recommended and fair prices for high end quality very professional"

Our Admins say: Thank you too sev, always a pleasure!


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Ashley Corbett says:

"I called Hollaway-Meyers to fix my geothermal unit. When they came over they stated that it something to do with the water or water pressure and added more water to the unit, they said the unit was fixed. Couple weeks later our unit stopped working again, so I called back, when they came out, they said that my unit needed to be replaced and would cost around $10,000. I ended up called around to see if I could get a cheaper price and turns out that Hollaway-Meyers missed diagnosed the problem (we talked to several companies) and it had too much coolant in the unit and was a lot cheaper to fix. I haven't had a problem since. After talking with my neighbors it turns out that Hollaway-Meyers has been quoting incorrect problems with the geothermal units and charging an enormous amount of money to get them fixed. Some of these people were elderly and didn't know any better."


We did not bring up the option of replacing the unit. The homeowner asked about replacing the unit and wanted a quote. Mr. Hollaway called the homeowner on the phone and talked about repairing the unit or replacing the loop field  in lieu of replacing the actual unit, as a Waterfurnace should last more than 25 years. The installation by the original contractor was not done correctly at this home or any of the homes we have been called out to repair in that neighborhood.


"I used Hollaway Meyers And they are GREAT I don't Know where Ashley is getting here information about Hollaway but it was not from me I will always have Hollaway do my work."

Ashley's neighbor